Passing through, Helping out, Learning

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, father and son Romualdo and Paolo Del Bianco of Florence began research with the goal of contributing to the integration of the people from the ex-soviet bloc countries. After a number of years of positive feedback on the value of the research, the Del Bianco family officially established the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is international integration among people of different cultures, countries and religions.

RomualdoDelBiancoHo sempre imparato da tutti; in cantiere anche le mie maestranze hanno avuto qualcosa da insegnarmi

Romualdo Del Bianco

The Foundation targets youth because we believe young people are most open to meeting each other and learning about the different traditions and cultures of their peers. The Foundation also believes young people have the strongest desire to learn about the history and the art of different cultures.
This is why students from our network of universities and academic institutions play such an important role in the international meetings the Foundation holds in Florence each year. In the past few years, we have directed special attention to young people and students from Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Asia and the Far East .
We have targeted these countries not only for historical, political and geographical reasons, but also because these countries have recently shown a great interest in stronger international integration with western countries and because their younger generations have embodied this growing interest.

The Foundation emphasizes that the value of the beauty and universality of artistic and architectural heritage comes from its ability to transmit cultural and personal exchange between people. Through the various meetings, exhibitions, concerts and other initiatives supported by the Foundation, students of different cultures are able to get to know each other, exchange knowledge and form friendships.
In this way, we believe culture is a powerful engine for peace.

Our motto is as follows:

For peace in the world, among young people of different countries, through culture. Meeting, getting acquainted, understanding each other to develop friendship among peoples