The Conference is promoted by 6 different universities, all represented by some of their members in the Scientific Committee:

National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Armenia
University of Florence, Italy
Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China
University of Technology Czestochowa, Poland
St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russia
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco with its International Institute Life Beyond Tourism-Italy, who has been essential in facilitating at early stage the contact between Florence University and the other Promoters, will be committed later on to the dissemination of the conference throughout its international network of universities.
Topics of the conference:

1. Civil Engineering, reconstruction, sustainable construction, materials and technologies
2. Architecture and Design, urban planning, urbanism
3. Environmental engineering, energy, green buildings
4. Geotechnics, seismicity hazard analysis and prevention
5. Construction, structural mechanics, transport problems
6. Technologies and operational methodologies for conservation
7. The fruition of the heritage: cultural value-based travel, routes and landscape. New uses and enhancement of monuments

The deadlines should be strictly observed to allow the proceedings’ publication on time;
Registration opening: 1st March, 2015
Abstract submission: 15th April, 2015
Abstract acceptance: 30th April – 25th May , 2015
Paper submission for review: 15th June, 2015
Paper acceptance: 23rd July, 2015
Deadline for payment of early bird fee postponed: LAST CALL FOR AUTHOR PAYMENTS to 30th August, 2015 This payment deadline is obligatory for all authors who want to publish their Paper / Poster in the conference proceedings; without the regular payment until 30th August, 2015 the Paper / Poster cannot be included in the proceedings publication.
Deadline for payment of regular fee (non authors): 1st November, 2015