Florence is a driver for developing International Encounters

Tuscany in general and Florence in particular, with their museums, with corners of history and cultural traditions, with artistic treasures, undoubtedly represent among the most splendid gems; but Florence has another marked potential, which sometimes does not receive due attention:
in fact, international culture in general and young people in particular – always eager to get to know and learn -cannot fail to recognize that “Florence is a driver for developing International Encounters “, which promotes interpersonal knowledge, therefore favours mutual understanding, from which it pours up friendship between peoples of different cultures, ethnic groups and religions. Florence is therefore, by its vocation, a city that favours encounters, understanding and friendship, Florence therefore is a city that favours the development of peace.
The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation aims to make its contribution to the affirmation of the vocation of Florence as a city of encounters and peace, through its commitment in the field of promotion and enhancement of its artistic and cultural heritage, a driver for encounter, of knowledge, of understanding, therefore driver for peace.

In other words, art and culture in general and the Florentine one in particular rise to the “universal vehicle” for the creation of a better world, where peace, friendship and tolerance reign; all by feeding the interest and love that Florence and its immense heritage of history and traditions, can turn on in the soul of people who are extremely sensitive to the charm of art and culture and, in general, to all that means beauty, elegance and grace. It is therefore towards this priceless heritage – that belongs to all humanity – that we must direct all our available resources, to protect it from the pitfalls of neglect and time, from ignorance and incivility, so that the millions of people who every year they visit Florence and Tuscany and, in the future, the generations to come continue to enjoy it: an investment for peace in the world. This is the devoted tribute of gratitude that we feel compelled to pay to our city and to our region.

A special attention will be paid to the development of cultural meetings with teachers, students and experts from Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Asia, the Far East, with the aim of contributing to making integration, mutual knowledge and sharing of values as rapid as possible.

The Program Plan, at a glance

To contribute to the continuous affirmation of the image of Florence as a City of encounters and Peace; to contribute to the protection and enhancement of the Florentine and Tuscan Cultural Heritage, drivers of interpersonal encounters, therefore of knowledge, therefore of understanding, therefore of friendship, therefore drivers of Peace!



To contribute to the development of Peace in the World


Culture, science, applied research as powerful reasons of meeting, training, aggregation, of understanding, particularly among the young.
Florence and Tuscany international cultural centers, and meeting places between Youth.

Cultural areas


  • Architecture
  • Art history
  • Literature
  • Connected faculties:
  • Economy
  • Social Sciences


  • Art
  • Music


Socialization among the Youth: promote occasions of encounter between Youth of different cultures and countries to allow mutual understanding and with this comprehension; to help develop friendly relations among peoples.


  • Organization of international meetings to promote mutual understanding and friendly relations among peoples, in particular with emerging countries;
  • Support of the Cultural Heritage of Florence and Tuscany, engines for occasions of encounter;
  • Contribution to the study, the identification and clarification of the mission of Florence and the Italian cities of art, at the turn of new millennium;
  • Promotion, development, realization of initiatives, researches, studies, publications, awards, scholarships, etc.


  • Public and private institutions
  • Research centers
  • Cultural institutions